Crazy Old Boy Burns Vols Shorts After Horrible Loss To Florida

Butch Jones being a moron has officially driven Vols fans to the breaking point. I’m talking burn-your-Vols-gym-shorts over the edge. All it took was Butch Butching during Saturday’s game at Florida that I told you on Friday was going to be a tipping point for Butch’s career in the SEC. He entered the game with a 14-14 career record at Tennessee.
And then Butch went and turned into a dumpster fire in the 4th quarter. His offense managed five plays in the final 86 seconds and could only get in place for a 55-yard field goal that just missed.
From Mike Bianchi:

But the Vols did, beginning with Jones inexplicably choosing not to go for the two-point conversion after Tennessee scored to take a 26-14 lead with 10:19 left. A two-pointer would have given the Volunteers a 28-14 lead, and Florida would have only tied it on Callaway’s miracle touchdown. An extra point only put UT up by 13, which allowed Callaway’s score and the ensuing extra point to win the game for the Gators.
“We have a chart that is pretty standard and maps it all out,” Jones futilely tried to explain afterward.

It was all too much for this old boy. He even went as far as saying he’s going back to being a Kent State fan. Sad times in Knoxville.

Buddy here, had enough of the Vols – he declared at halftime..if the Vols let this one go and loose again…I AM DONE, ol orange Vols short are getting torched!!!


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