Introducing Browns Fan Biscuit: The F-Bomb Dropping, Beer Drinkin' Machine

His real name is Steve. His name at the bar and on Instagram is Biscuit. He seems to be a happy guy until the fall when the Browns start driving him nuts. He has a wife. Has three daughters. Seems to have a normal life…until the Browns drive him absolutely insane and he becomes the 2015 breakout star of the Internet. The Internet was built for a guy like Biscuit. It’s where innocent videos (shot by one of his daughters) of him f-bombing at the bar can turn a guy into a celebrity.
Steve isn’t seeking attention. His IG page (again, looks like his daughter runs it) was dormant since the 2014 season. He’s not just making f-bomb videos for the hell of it. This is from the heart. This is a guy who cares so deeply for his team and it shows. Biscuit isn’t acting for the camera. He’s just some guy from Amherst, Ohio going about life and the Internet has found him.
This was Biscuit on Sunday when the Browns looked like garbage against the Raiders….THE RAIDERS…and you wonder why this guy is miserable.

Absolutely love the passion from Biscuit. The guy cares with all of his heart. Just watch how much he cares about a stupid game. Watch how he smiles when something actually goes good for the Browns. I’ve never met Biscuit, but I have a feeling he’s a big teddy bear who loves cold beer, a large pizza and long naps. This guy should be a hero to all men out there who bust their asses and just want their teams to win week in and week out.
Cheers, Biscuit.

This was Biscuit watching the Browns-Jets in Week 1.

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This was the Best of Biscuit in 2014


Biscuit away from the bar


Biscuit’s suffering goes way back

Biscuit being a family man

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