Warren Buffett Is Wearing A Ndamukong Suh Jersey With Shoulder Pads On The Dolphins Sideline

Get Warren in the game! 85 years old and looking like he’s ready to crush some skulls down in the trenches. He’s worth 66 billions dollars, what else does he have to lose?
The Dolphins are about to play the Bills in a nice little AFC East match up. I guess having one of the richest people ever on your sidelines can’t hurt. And as far as the Suh jersey goes, apparently they met when Ndamukong was in college and have been friends ever since.

Suh first met Buffett briefly at a game during Suh’s college career at Nebraska. (Berkshire Hathaway is based in Omaha.) Tom Osborne, the former Nebraska coach and athletic director, later connected them further.
At first, Suh wasn’t optimistic about getting much time with Buffett. “He is, really, one of the busiest people in the world,” Suh said. “I’ve seen the prices at charity auctions for a dinner with him—I’d understand if he respectfully said he didn’t have time.” But their initial meetings were productive. After that, they were in regular contact. Buffett took Suh to a Berkshire shareholder meeting in 2013.
Buffett said that Suh, whom he calls “enormously popular,” has rightly taken advantage of his stature as a sports star to get his foot in the door with business leaders. “If you’ve been a football star at Nebraska, a lot of people say hello to you,” Buffett said.

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