Ndamukong Suh

Sep 27, 2015

Warren Buffett Is Wearing A Ndamukong Suh Jersey With Shoulder Pads On The Dolphins Sideline

Get Warren in the game! 85 years old and looking like he’s ready to crush some skulls down in the trenches. He’s worth 66 billions dollars, what else does he have to lose? https://twitter.com/JeffDarlington/status/648220353127424000/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw The Dolphins are about to play...

May 18, 2015

Ndamukong Suh Selling Suburban Detroit Mansion – $3.45 Million

  Are you an auto executive who is moving to the Detroit market and you want to live like a really rich guy, pretty much like an NFL defensive lineman? Ndamukong Suh has a house he needs to sell because...

The Ndamukong Suh Era Is Over In Detroit…His Banner Came Down

Not For Long. The NFL still stands for it and it’s about to happen in Detroit. The Lions refused to franchise tag Ndamukong Suh, making him a free agent. Poor Lions fans will now get to turn on Ndamukong Suh...

Mar 5, 2015

Ndamukong Suh and Andrew Luck Help U.S. Soccer & Best Opening Day Looks

Nike and U.S. Soccer pay homage to Russia and Putin with the new away kit and Bo Knows Bicycles. Do you see random sh$% while driving to work and think it needs to be seen by the masses? We want...

Apr 1, 2014

Katherine Webb To Star In ABC’s ‘Celebrity Diving’ [PHOTOS]

Now that it’s clear that the Katherine Webb-Dancing With The Stars rumors were pure speculation we can move on. TMZ is reporting today that Katherine Webb will be featured in an upcoming ABC reality show called Celebrity Diving. Sounds perfect,...

Jan 22, 2013

Nov 27, 2012

16 NSFW Ndamukong Suh Should’ve Been F***in’ Suspended Tweets

Ohioan @hutzelin420 tweeted directly to Ndamukong Suh to let him know how he felt about the alleged kick to Matt Schaub: “@ndamukong_suh you trashy nigger! Get outta the league. Go back to the streets you piece of sh*t hope someone...

Sep 22, 2011

The Detroit Lions Make Bob Seger Cry

They're loving the Lions in Detroit. The team is off to a 2-0 start and the locals are talking playoffs for the first time in... longer than we can remember. Local celebrities are turning up for games too. Lions fan Bob Seger was spotted in the team's locker room after last week's win. He had himself a little cry while he was there, too. Ah, to be a Lions fan. It seems like the threat of success has Bullet Bob a little choked up.

Aug 9, 2011

The Top 50 NFL Twitter Must-Follows

Just getting around to opening a Twitter account and have no idea who you should be following during the upcoming NFL season? BC sent our Twitter researcher, Robert, in search of the 50 NFL player Twitter accounts you need to follow - immediately. (Yes, T.O. is on the list. He'll be back.) Whether it's what they're eating or thinking, you must make these 50 individuals part of your daily life. The list - JUMP!

May 26, 2011

Say Hello To Ndamukong Suh’s Gumball 3000 Mercedes Ride [Photos]

You've been warned Europe. If you see a 300-lb. giant black dude barreling down the road over a course that'll take Ndamukong Suh from London to Istanbul over the next 7 days, please get out of the road. The Detroit Lions DT will be driving the Mercedes you see here, starting just a few hours ago, against the likes of Bode Miller, Tony Hawk, The Hoff, Christian Slater and other Euro names you wouldn't recognize here in the States. More photos of Suh's insane ride - JUMP!