Here is Jason Pierre-Paul’s Hand Without Bandages

Screen shot 2015-09-17 at 11.23.14 AM

Yesterday, we posted footage of Giants idiot Jason Pierre-Paul working out and pulling some sled around. Of course, no one could see what his mangled hand looked like and it just left people even more curious. Head honcho Joe was particularly antsy, asking a barrage of questions:

Jason Pierre-Paul’s destroyed right hand made its world debut Tuesday on an Instagram video released by Team JPP to prove that…Pierre-Paul can pull a sled with destroyed fingers? I’m confused here. How about Pierre-Paul just put his hand on a table and take a couple of IG photos. Post them, let us see that hand. Let’s see how bad the thumb is. Let’s see the middle finger.

We know the index finger is gone. We hear that half the thumb is gone. We hear there’s an issue with the middle finger.

The wait is finally over, because the New York Daily News is coming in hot today with exclusive photos of JPP’s hand — sans bandages — and yeah, the thumb, index and middle finger are all effed up:

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: First look at Jason Pierre-Paul’s hand without a bandage.

— NY Daily News Sports (@NYDNSports) September 17, 2015

Don’t tell JPP it’s a big deal though. He firmly believes he’s still going to wreck on the field:

I can't think of the last time my index finger got me a sack 😉

— Jason Pierre-Paul (@UDWJPP) September 17, 2015