38 NSFW Black Dudes Analyze The Second GOP Debate

The big highlights from the second GOP debate had to be Jeb Bush admitting he smoked “Reggie” back in the day, Trump not apologizing to Bush’s wife and Trump swatting away Rand Paul early in the night. You also had Fiorina trying to become assertive with Trump. NSFW Black Dudes really keyed in on, you guessed it, Trump’s performance. They’re just not sure this is a guy they want as their prez. They still think he’s racist. No idea why they’d think that.
The Ben Carson tweets really slowed last night. It’s like the BDs have totally forgotten about the guy. He stayed relatively quiet until the vaccine debate and even that didn’t provide a moment that turned into Twitter material. The big surprise of the night had to be how the BDs handled Carly Fiorina. They must not be sure of how to spell her last name because it wasn’t nearly as nuts as I expected.
Still, this is award-winning stuff right here. These guys nailed it again.

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35 NSFW Black Dudes Analyze Mariota & Week 1 of the NFL
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