Meet Arizona State WR D.J. Foster’s Girlfriend, Ciera Liguori

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By now, we are all aware of Arizona State quarterback Mike Bercovici’s girlfriend Jaylee Merrill. (If not, go ahead and get yourself in the loop.) But Bercovici isn’t the only guy on the team with a jaw-dropping girlfriend (obviously), as his main target DJ Foster is dating University of Arizona alum Ciera Liguori.

You have to give Ciera some props; dating the enemy can be a controversial move — but can you really blame her? Foster’s like the best player on the team and probably has NFL scouts salivating over the fact that he’s a threat at wide receiver and running back.

And Ciera’s no slouch herself — watch her unload a monster throw:

Oh, and cover the outfield like Mike Trout:

[Ciera Liguori- IG]

Arizona State QB Mike Bercovici’s Girlfriend Jaylee Merrill Is Back
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