Cricket Player Chris Gayle Built a Strip Club in His Home

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Almost every year we hear about some athlete getting into legal trouble because of a ridiculous — and probably avoidable — incident at a strip club. There’s really no solution to the problem, athletes simply love making it rain with their boys.

However, cricket player Chris Gayle may have come across the key to avoiding potential legal woes: build a strip club in your own home!

Gayle’s caption:

From the pool to the strip club…if u don’t have a strip club at home, U ain’t a cricket ‘Player’ .. I always make sure my guest well entertained and feel like they are at home

What a boss move. This way the party is always private and bad decisions stay out of the public eye. NFL and NBA players could really learn a lot from the West Indies star.

Gayle’s also setup some Basic Instinct-style “hanky panky” room for when he needs to take care business, because why not?

It’s not easy to earn a follow from me on Instagram, but man, this guy’s social media game easily tops any athlete in America. Look at this stuff:

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