C.J. Wilson Bought His Wife a McLaren 675LT for Her Birthday

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There probably isn’t a baseball player out there who loves cars more than the Angels’ C.J. Wilson. The guy owns his own racing team, has a collection of Porsches and a purple McLaren P1 (retail price: $1.15 million).

Suffice it to say, when you’ve made over $68 million in your career, anything is possible. But C.J. isn’t hogging all the badass cars to himself — just check out the birthday present he got his wife, Lisalla Montenegro:

That right there is a McLaren 675LT, which boasts 666 horsepower and exclusivity. According to C.J., it may be one of the first of its kind to to hit the area:

When it arrived to C.J. and Lisalla’s Orange County home, the lefty couldn’t help but watch giddily in anticipation as it was lowered:

Lisalla, of course, was thrilled beyond belief:

” Special deliver for Mrs. Wilson ” !!!! Couldn’t contain myself !!! EXTREMELY STOKED! #BestGiftEver!! #besthubbyever !!!! #racinglicense on check

I still can’t believe it !!! #HappyBirthday to me !!! #McLaren675LT Bring it on #27 !!! I’m ready for ya in full speed #needforspeed #BestHubby #HisandHers

Angels fans better watch out for the tandem heat that will be rumbling down Katella.

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