New York Stripper Still Loves Eli Even Though He Can't Count

Eli Manning might’ve been called a “dope” and “dunce” by the New York Post this morning for his timeout counting gaffe late in Monday night’s game against the Cowboys, but that hasn’t stopped at least one New York City stripper from standing beside her favorite quarterback.
From the Vivid Cabaret media team:

Exotic Dancer Paulina is a big Eli Manning fan, and she strips out of a #10 jersey during the Sunday and Monday Football Viewing Parties at Vivid Cabaret, the three-story upscale gentlemen’s club in midtown Manhattan.
“I’m upset with the way the Giants lost to the Cowboys, but even more so because everyone is blaming Eli Manning—and it’s not all his fault,” she protests.
“He’s a big man to take some of the blame, admitting that he told Rashad Jennings not to score when they got so close to the goal line. That was wrong—he was unaware of the timeout situation and had the wrong strategy.
“But time management is the responsibility of the coaching staff. It’s their job to keep the QB informed and up to date. In fact, they are supposed to tell him exactly what plays to run in that situation. And Eli would have done that!
“Eli, I still love you,” purred the blonde beauty.
Vivid Cabaret NYC is well known for having the city’s tallest stripper pole (25 1/2 feet tall), and the first of its kind “VIP Ultra Lounge.” It’s a favorite spot for pro athletes from all the major sports who like to “make it rain” on the club’s gorgeous dancers. It is the sister club to the world famous Rick’s Cabaret NYC, located just four blocks away.

Guess Paulina had the night off and was watching. Damn, she knows her football.
Anyway, what a time to be alive….we have strippers offering moral support to a guy who just signed a 4-year $84M contract extension with $65M in guaranteed cash. But that just illustrates how loved this guy is in a city where he put two Lombardis on the shelf. This is what happens. Sure, you might get called a dope and dunce, but you’ll never be run out of town over late-game management.
God bless strippers. God bless football.

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