Douchey Cowboys Fans Fight Each Other During Giants Game



The real action in Sunday night’s Cowboys fans vs. Cowboys fans upper deck fight starts around the 1:11 mark. That’s also when the 720p kicks in so you can actually see what’s happening. It’s hard to hear what led to the fight, but the YouTuber who shot this reports, “Fat bully girl starts a fight with a guy at the Dallas Cowboys v. New York Giants game in Dallas. With a body of a linebacker, she should of been on the field. Boooooo.”

Just look at Aikman’s glasses and his buddy in the foam cowboy hat. This is how you draw them up in your head, but the fights never come to fruition. The rest of the video is worthless, so don’t waste time watching the action after the fight.

Long story short, it’s a bunch of drunk Cowboys fans brawling before Romo saved the season with a last-second TD pass to Witten.