A Season With Oakland Raiders Fans: Dancing on Cop Cars & Mannequin Bongs — Week 1

Screen shot 2015-09-14 at 9.12.44 AM

Oh, those poor souls known as Raiders fans. My heart truly goes out to them this morning after getting shellacked by the Red Rifle and Who Dey Nation. The worst part for them? Some fans were actually really optimistic heading into the season — just check out some golden hot takes that I saw all over my Facebook timeline:

  1. Surprise teams: Arizona(look what they did with Joe Schmo at QB) and…wait for it…Da Raidahs! Carr was very good last year with zero help. Now he has Amari, Crabtree, LaTavious, Marcel, Rivera(he looked real good at the end of the year). D is lead by Khalil. Special Teams always solid.
  1. I have Oak winning the division
  1. Next year for sure. Rivers is leaving for the east coast, manning probably retiring. But yeah, I could see it. We got the Bungles easy

Suffice it to say, the Raiders did not have “the Bungles easy.” In fact, it turned out to be a special opening day disaster with Adam Jones punking out Amari Cooper (and getting away with it), people wondering why they would let Latavius Murray be their RB-2 in fantasy and Derek Carr injuring his throwing hand.

Fortunately, there was a good chance everyone was too drunk — or high — to realize what the hell happened on the field.

See more drunk photos and videos below.

Tailgating on the freeway:

The return of the mannequin beer bong:

Soul Train line:

Little kid goes around “stabbing” Bengals fans: