Evan Turner Excited At OSU Tailgate, Puking Dez Fan & Cmon Man 69 Jersey

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My Super Bowl champion Cowboys are 1-0

I tried to tell you guys that this was the Cowboys year. Week one just illustrated my gut feeling. Eli could’ve fell down on third down, run 40 more seconds of clock, kick the field goal and then Romo has less than a minute to go down for the winning touchdown. Nope, Eli threw an incomplete pass, stopped the clock and left like 1:35 for Tony. I tried to tell you guys that God would be on the Cowboys side. Still a long way to go, but now the Cowboys have a 54% chance of making the playoffs. The Giants have a 25% chance.

AP Top 25 poll

More on this later today, but you’re telling me Oklahoma State beating Central Michigan and Central Arkansas is enough to get the Cowboys ranked, but Toledo going on the road and beating vauntedĀ Arkansas isn’t enough? Odd.

Numbers fromĀ @ToddFuhrman:

CFB Week 3 from : LSU -6.5 vs Auburn, Bama -6.5 vs Ole Miss, ND -1.5 vs GT, Cal -3 @ Texas, USC -8 vs Sford, UCLA -14.5 vs BYU