Ben Roethlisberger Back In The Day, Bama Tinder & Kim DeJesus Update

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Another year goes by and here I am again watching the NBC Today Show coverage from 14 years ago. I do it every year. Still can’t look away. I was watching live 14 years ago and still can’t get to the point where that day doesn’t bring chills. Tom Brokaw handling the live coverage as the buildings collapsed. Katie Couric still working for NBC. Lauer at the point where his career exploded. Anyway, we don’t forget.

Huge jackpot hit on Vegas slot

Some woman visiting from Florida hit a $1.9 million jackpot last week at Fiesta Henderson. She only played $15 before hitting it. There was also a big win in late August at Caesars where a guy won $1,271,032 on Wheel of Fortune.

Numbers from @ToddFuhrman:

Top public sides for weekend: Dolphins (88%), Packers (86%), Colts (78%), Cardinals (75%), Vikings (74%) via

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