Texas A&M Going All Out With 12-Pound ‘Aggie Dog’

Remember back in March when we were salivating over the best, new stadium foods available across MLB and MiLB stadiums? Yeah, well sorry, Churro Dog, we’re officially over you after seeing the concoction known as the “Aggie Dog.”
It’s a 4-foot long, 12-pound behemoth that (some) fans will be able to order Saturday at the newly renovated Kyle Field. Per ESPN, there are also a number of other new options fans will be able to order:

The “Aggie Dog” is a 4-foot long, 12-pound hot dog that’s one of the numerous new food items you can find at Kyle Field. Other items include chicken fried hot dogs, chicken fried chopped steak burgers, bacon bleu cheese fries and buffalo bleu cheese fries.

The bacon bleu cheese fries sound fine and dandy, but we have to go back to the goddamn 12-pound dog — it’s so huge someone had to film it:

Some people will take a look at this and see a heart attack, but others, they’ll see the path of pure righteousness.

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