Vivid Cabaret Girls Send Rex Ryan Some Feet Photos


Rex Ryan and his wife’s feet were back in the news on Thursday after a photo from the North Shore Animal League showed a photo of what looks like Michelle’s piggies sitting on the coach’s desk. Of course you know that Rex is a foot freak going all the way back to his days when he had an active account where he was trying to find guys willing to have sex with his wife.

So one thing led to another and I woke up this morning to find an email from our old friends at Vivid Cabaret in New York City. It seems everyone in the city is talking about Rex’s foot photo, even the strippers.

From Vivid:

“I read ‘Busted Coverage’ everyday—that’s why I know so much about sports,” purred Belinda, an exotic dancer who performs at the red-hot three-story Vivid Cabaret gentlemen’s club in New York City. “I saw your article on Bills Coach Rex Ryan maybe having a fetish for feet and shoes. Hey, different strokes!

“The girls and I thought Rex was a good coach when he was with the Jets and we wish him well in Buffalo. We thought he might like some photos of the beautiful Vivid Cabaret NYC girls. Oh, and I made sure to pick out shots with feet!

“Hope you enjoy, Rex!”

Ahhh, how great is that? Rex might’ve left town to coach the rival Bills, but the girls still know what drives the guy nuts – a good foot photo. I’d love for an investigative journalist to dig into this Rex fetish a little more. Does he dream of being suffocated by multiple chocolate syrup covered feet? Is there one ultimate foot fantasy in his head that would be like winning the Super Bowl?

Pretty sure I know some women who can help Rex with some of these fantasies. They’re at 61 W 37th St., just a couple blocks from the Empire State Building. Stop by and watch some NFL games with them this Sunday. The Bills are at home Sunday against the Colts.

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