Kacie McDonnell Has KC By The Balls, Razorbacks Cake & Charissa Golfing

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Good riddance to RG3

I tried to like RG3. I really did. He was exciting during that rookie season and he was getting all Randall Cunningham on us. But it couldn’t last. You knew he was going to break. He knew he was going to break. He broke. Then he came back too soon from injury because he was pimping a brand, then he was a disaster and it was over. Then Jay Gruden didn’t want him, Dan Snyder did, blah, blah, blah. RG3 wanted us to like him soooo bad. Everyone knew it was a fraud. You get one, maybe two fun seasons out of these guys who can run a little bit. Then they become tackling dummies and the career is over.

Venetian canal guys sent home from hospital

The two guys who nearly drowned in the Venetian canal are all better. I’m still trying to figure out how somebody nearly drowned in that canal. Here I figured it was like five feet deep. This seems like a possible shakedown to me. They trying to file some lawsuit on the casino? Seems like it.

Numbers fromĀ @ToddFuhrman:

Prop you won’t see anywhere but should: Which Washington DC sports figure will get fired first? Matt Williams -165 / Jay Gruden +145