Danica Patrick Beach Vacation, Yankees 666 Jersey & Razorbacks At VMAs

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The MTV VMAs were pretty fun last night

I can’t understand why people bash the VMAs and want to make a big deal out of Miley Cyrus going back multiple times to drug jokes and bits. I’m just watching to be entertained and if that means Kanye gives a rambling 10 minute speech on nothing, then I’m all for it. I’m a content guy. The VMAs gave us plenty of great content. Look, is the millennial generation pretty much effed when it comes to pop music? Of it is. There are like 10 performers who MTV can go to and that’s it. It’s the same 10 performers all the time. Let’s be honest here, the VMAs are pretty much like college football. There are about 10 teams who have a shot at winning a national title. That’s it. Trying to pick a CFB national champion this year? Don’t bother with a dark horse.

The Riviera will live on in Vegas

The neon signs at least. They’ll be heading to the neon graveyard in town where people can go see the signs. The Crazy Girls butts are headed to the Planet Hollywood. No word on when the Riv building will come down.

Numbers fromĀ @SportsTaxMan:

$470,588 = Tom Brady’s weekly salary during 2015 season.