UF QB Will Grier's Ex-Girlfriend Taylor Walker Rebounds With NASCAR Driver Austin Dillon

You got to recognize Taylor Walker’s hustle. Not even six months have gone passed and Tay has already upgraded her arm candy considerably from her spring tryst with Florida frosh QB Will Grier to her Autumn love with NASCAR stud Austin Dillon. Judge her as a jersey chaser all you want, I respect the girl for climbing up the ladder from a scrub who can’t even afford to take her to the finest of Gainesville sushi to now being associated with a salaried, working athlete. We all take advantage of when better opportunities present themselves.
Taylor went from a kid who couldn’t even beat out Jeff Freaking Driskel to a guy who’s currently 21st in the Sprint Cup standings. More importantly, Taylor has nearly $4.5 million reasons to dump Grier for model citizen Dillon. Dillon is a co-chair for the Reagan Foundation’s National Youth Leadership Committee. After all, nothing gets a lady’s heart afluttering than winning one for the Gipper.
It’s not as if Taylor herself was hurting for cash. She’s signed on to be “Miss University Primetime,” for which she does promotion for some site that arbitrarily ranks schools by how hot the female student bodies are and is a legit enough of an enterprise to be featured on the local news in Kansas City. It’s not like anything else was happening that day.
That’s why I get a kick out of college WAGs in the first place. Everyone remembers Katherine Webb shucking for Carl’s Jr. and appearing on reality television and no doubt raking in the big bucks for her time. This was all during while A.J. McCarron—the entire reason Webb was famous in the first place—couldn’t even be given a burger from a booster because “amateurism.”
Don’t you love the NCAA?

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