Cardale & J.T. At High School Game, Flairs Stylin’, Plus Arizona Cardinals Bank Robber

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WTF happened at the Venetian in Vegas?

So two guys fell, or purposely went into the canal at the Venetian this week and nearly drowned. Not joking. According to the Las Vegas Sun: “The two were spotted on video surveillance by security Monday morning jumping a fence to get into the canal outside along Las Vegas Boulevard, but struggled to swim and were unconscious but breathing when the guards pulled them out.” It has been incredibly hot in Vegas. Maybe they decided to cool off and underestimated the water depth. Maybe they were drunk. Maybe they were on a drug bender. Hey, if you’re going to do Vegas, do it big.

Russell Wilson is so phony – update

Now Russ says his Recovery Water might’ve prevented a concussion. Yeah, that’s so much better. Just doesn’t get it.

Numbers fromĀ @SportsTaxMan:

The team record for most home runs in a month is now up to 43 for August.