Buy This Old Buffalo Bills Tailgate Truck — $2500


Only about 2 weeks away before we kick off the NFL season, so not much time for all of you Bills fans out there in upstate New York to get yourself a tailgate vehicle before the season starts. By now all of the good ones are taken, so when you wait this long, this is the kind of thing your stuck with.

More from the seller:

This vehicle is a 1972 Chevy Step Van transformed into a Buffalo Bills tailgate mobile. This old FedEx truck has the potential to be the ultimate game day experience, I just don’t have the time or space for it anymore. It is converted into an automatic transmission, new tires, 4 6×9 Infiniti Kappa speakers, 2 12″ Dual subs, homemade urinal (yes, a urinal), fits 12 people comfortably. Considered a classic vehicle so does have loopholes in insurance proceedings, registered as a non commercial/passenger vehicle. Does have a small leak. Give this beauty a nice home before season starts! $2500 or best offer!

All spring and summer we’ve shown a thousand tailgate mobiles — some good, some bad, some insanely awesome. But now that we’re in the stretch run before the season starts, we’re resorting to slinging ¬†converted 1972 Fed Ex trucks.

I’m not going to completely shit on this one, though. The outside isn’t exactly aesthetically pleasing, but I’ve always said that having space in your tailgate vehicle is always a positive and this one has it. More space equals more people. Also, I love the fact that this guy put a homemade urinal in there. There’s nothing more clutch than when these things have bathrooms and you can avoid port-o-potty’s.


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