Watch: High School RB Josh McKenzie Wrecks Defender En Route to Touchdown

FB: TOUCHDOWN, Bergen. Bulldozing 9-yard run from Josh McKenzie. Trucked RBC defender at goal line. His 2nd TD today.

— Varsity Aces (@VarsityAces) August 27, 2015

Josh McKenzie is a highly touted 15-year-old freshman running back for Bergen Catholic High School. He made his preseason debut Thursday, and suffice it to say, colleges are already lining up to give this guy offers after watching him truck a poor defender:

Reminds me of @ReeseClarett13 during his @OSU_Football_ days. #osu #buckeyes #m17 @BergenTDC @BergenCatholic

— Sean M. Pena (@SeanPenaEsq) August 28, 2015

Shockingly, McKenzie’s team won that game 48-0.

Honestly, they should make an exception to the rule and send McKenzie right to college. According to an profile, his uncle has shelled out all his money to make sure McKenzie becomes a superstar:

Josh’s family has made countless sacrifices to fund his training and showcase him at national events. In the past year, Josh worked with 10 trainers and coaches, blending everything from power and explosive speed training to nutrition and mindset. He even has a family friend who serves as his personal “PR guy.”

Already eating and training like an NFL veteran. What a fun life for a teen!