Texas High School Football Six-Man Team Wins 114-66

The 2015 season begins for Midland Trinity in Loraine, where the Chargers are about to face the Bulldogs! pic.twitter.com/R5cRx20Vr8

— Matthew Villanueva (@MattMVillanueva) August 28, 2015

The score was 114-66. The game took nearly four hours to play. It was 68-42 at half. It’s six-man Texas football and Midland Trinity won its opener in style on Thursday against Loraine. CBS7 in West Texas reports that Trinity broke a four-year old school record with its outburst. The real shocker here is that this wasn’t even close to a state record for combined points. The teams came up 62 points short of the all-time points scored record which belongs to San Antonio The Winston and San Antonio Town East; they played a 122-120 game in 2011.

There was some confusion last night over the actual final score from the Trinity-Loraine game. We’ve now checked with multiple outlets who are reporting the 114-66 final.

@bustedcoverage I just checked. I reported it final but source was wrong. Game still had 26 sec. 114-66 Final

— Chris Wilner (@chriswilner26) August 28, 2015

Trinity, according to SixManFootball.com, entered the 2015 season as the number-one ranked team in the TAPPS Division I. Loraine was ranked number seven in D-II. Trinity has 25 players on its roster.

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