Heavyset Angels Fan Robs San Diego Walmart

It looks like the “Big A Bandit” isn’t the only scumbag Angels fan running around and taking money he doesn’t deserve.
Police in La Mesa are currently on the hunt for a 275-300 pound man who robbed a Walmart while wearing the hat of his favorite disappointing team. And if wearing an Angels hat while committing a crime wasn’t dumb enough, it looks like the guy is wearing a spring training-type hat that could be a huge distinguishing feature.
More details from The San Diego Union-Tribune:

The man took out a $1 bill to pay for some glue and then put a pistol on the counter and pointed it an an employee. He demanded money, which the cashier put in a Walmart bag, La Mesa police Sgt. Bret Richards said in a statement.
The robber was described as Latino with dark skin, 30 to 35 years old, 5 feet 9 inches tall, 275 to 300 pounds, with short hair. He was wearing a black and a red ball cap with an “Angels” logo and a black shirt with the words “All my friends are walkers” in white letters, and dark pants. He had a black and yellow backpack and a dark semi-automatic type handgun.

What a cheeky bastard. Most robbers just go in, pass the note and flash the gun — not this guy, he pretends to pay for glue first.
If you’re in San Diego and recognize the guy, there’s $1000 reward up for grabs.

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