Meet Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Jacey

There’s a lot of excitement about what the Miami Dolphins could do on the field this season with all their fancy new acquisitions, but we’re just looking forward to another strong year from their cheerleading squad. They dominated our NFL Cheerleader Power Rankings last season, and we expect more of the same this season.
Why? Well, it looks like the Dolphins have a knack for managing to keep their talent around. Familiar faces like Brooke and Chantal will be on this year’s squad, as well as another seasoned cheerleading pro in Jacey Brady.

Some fun facts about Jacey

  • 3rd-year veteran on the squad
  • From Miami
  • Tight with fellow Dolphins hottie, Brooke

  • Marlins, Heat fan (obviously)

[@JaceyBrady | @MDCJacey]

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