NFL Cheerleaders of Week 9 — We Have A New #1!

I’ve been warning you guys that the weather change would result in NFL Cheerleader Power Ranking changes. Happens every year. The weather starts to change, and out of nowhere, here come the Dolphins cheerleaders. This also seems to be the time of year when the Chargers cheerleaders start to make their move. They have the Raiders at home this week so that could be bad news for the Texans and Cowboys (who are in London).
NFL Cheerleader Power Rankings:
1. Dolphins
2. Cowboys
3. Texans
4. Chargers
5. Seahawks
6. 49ers
7. Cardinals
8. Broncos
9. Raiders
10. Redskins
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

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NFL Cheerleaders of Week 8 — Halloween Costumes!
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