Watch MLB Logos Evolve in One Amazing GIF

Taking a break from obsessing over your fourth FanDuel lineup entry? If so, keep your baseball juices flowing with a historic look at the evolution of MLB logos since 1876.

Yahoo Sports’ Eric Orvieto took the challenge of making one extraordinary GIF that highlights the changes throughout the years upon himself, and man, he didn’t disappoint:

My GIF of every @MLB team's logo change since 1876. I think it's cool: (h/t @sportslogosnet)

— Eric Orvieto (@eorvieto) August 25, 2015

Initial thoughts:

  • The Athletics totally should have kept the elephant theme going.
  • All of the Rays/Devil Rays logos are atrocious.
  • The 1964 Tigers logo is definitely going to give me nightmares.
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