15 Of Curt Schilling’s Favorite Facebook Memes

Curt Schilling got into hot water today over a meme that seemed to compare Muslims and Nazis. It was just another one of the memes that crosses one of Curt’s social media feeds and instantly fires up his conservatism and patriotism. His Facebook account is littered with all sorts or political memes you see from former high school classmates you assume won’t be voting for Bernie Sanders.

One thing is clear: Curt Schilling is fascinated with the military. You’d think he spent 20 years in the service and not 20 playing professional baseball where he earned $114,000,000+ in salary. He lost $50 million of that and his video game company went bankrupt, wasting multiple millions of Rhode Island taxpayers’ money.

I can’t think of anyone more qualified on how the U.S. government should be run than the guy who’s wasted so much over the years. Curt is nothing more than that angry dude you went to high school with who has way too much time on his hands and watches too many episodes of Hannity. One thing leads to another and he becomes a serial Facebook meme sharing maniac who needs to pump the brakes a little bit.

And now he’s gotten so much attention with his Muslims and Nazis tweet that ESPN has yanked him from his Little League World Series duties.

Keep doing you, Curt.