This Texas-Texas A&M Tailgate Bus Probably Shouldn’t Exist — $5,500

It’s not unusual for us to come across tailgate vehicles that support multiple teams, but a bus representing two rivals? Well, that’s something you don’t see everyday… for good reason. For instance, Michigan and Ohio State fans wouldn’t want to get tanked and be jolly together. That’s a terrible look.
Yet here we are, looking at this weird, blended Texas-Texas A&M 1984 International bus. If you’ve ever wondered if burnt orange and maroon would be a dynamite color combination, now you know it’s straight up vomit inducing.
Details from the seller:

84 Int’l Bus – Converted for tailgating. Automatic Transmission, Gas, Runs Great. Tires & brakes are in good condition. the brakes are hydraulic.New water pump and alternator. 205,000 miles. Hydraulic wheel chair lift, keg tap.

I guess the bus makes sense if you have a split Longhorns-Aggies party, but there’s still one major problem with that situation: the rivalry ended like three years ago. Don’t get us wrong, you could still drive this thing around to a Longhorns (or Aggies) game, just expect to be ridiculed.
On the plus side, you’ll have a keg tap to win over everybody.

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