Pennsylvania High School Upgrades To Gold Turf Look

Someone explain to me why anyone at Belle Vernon thought this was a good idea?

— Matt Farago (@MattFarago) August 24, 2015


Belle Vernon Area (Pennsylvania) High School is upgrading its football turf this summer and plans to be ready to debut the bleached field turf for its home opener on September 4. And this turf, combined with other stadium upgrades, will cost the district $1.4 million, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. The gold turf was $200,000.

The project has been a mess due to shoddy work done by a previous turf contractor. The work on the new turf was supposed to be done by August 20, but as you can see in Matt Farago’s photo, it wasn’t finished.

The field stabilization project will be funded with $145,000 that had been earmarked for construction of an elevator at the middle school and elimination of a $50,000 marquee on Crest Avenue, which fronts Rostraver Elementary and the administration building.

So no elevator at the middle school for those needing the help, but the football team will have a bleached field. America!

The other big news in town is that the teachers just reached a contract deal this morning, which avoided a strike and means the school year will go on without issues. Happy times at Belle Vernon.




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