USC Song Girls Get Wet In Tahoe – 2015

How far have the USC Song Girls fallen off the radar for the Internet? There was a time back in 2008 or so when the Song Girls getting wet in Tahoe with the USC band would be one of the most important posts of the summer. (Here’s the 2014 fun). The 20 or so sports/men’s entertainment sites that existed would go nuts waiting for the photos to drop.
Flash-forward to 2015. The Song Girls went to Tahoe in late July and nobody noticed. We didn’t notice. Twitter didn’t notice, because someone would’ve alerted me. Facebook didn’t notice. Men’s entertainment sites didn’t notice. It’s unreal how clueless we’ve all become to this annual tradition. Name another school that let’s four of its cheerleaders go into a lake wear cheer uniforms. You can’t. It doesn’t happen. Yet here we are taking it for granted.
This year the ladies did things a little different. They used a paddleboard as a prop. Seems like everyone had fun.
Football in 12 days.
[via USC band photographer bchua90007]

USC Song Girls Swim With Mike – 2015
USC Song Girls Swim With Mike – 2015
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