USC Song Girls Swim With Mike – 2015

There was a time on the Internet when the USC Song Girls at the Swim With Mike event would be posted on 40 different sites on the Monday after the big day. I’m pretty sure the first time it appeared on BC was way back in 2008. Of course Instagram didn’t exist so seeing cheerleaders in bikinis was rare. But USC is still at it, raising money for a good cause — Swim With Mike helps physically challenged athletes overcome their challenges.
The USC Swim With Mike event has had the same format for a number of years. The USC cheerleaders perform, there is a belly flop contest that includes one of the Song Girls and then there is a football player/Song Girl relay.

As always, USC band photographer BChua was there to document the great event, as was, who has been putting aside his USC hatred for a number of years to take photos. Make sure you visit for more photos. 


Your 2015 Houston Texans Cheerleaders
Your 2015 Houston Texans Cheerleaders
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