Scumbag Yankees Fan Flashes Silver Revolver, Robs Convenience Store


There are lots of strong clothing options when it comes to robbery. You could go with a stealthy all-black look, dress as an ordinary Joe, maybe wear a mask, etc. Really anything with no distinguishing feature would be ideal. But as we know, a lot of people are pretty damn stupid and just have to rep their team before reaching the low point in their lives.

Just take a gander at this man from South Carolina who decided to wear a red, black and white Yankees hat — and bright red jacket — while robbing a South Carolina convenience store.

Details from The Herald:

The robbery happened about 9 p.m. Monday at The Markette on South Market Street, said Capt. Scott Grant, Lancaster Police spokesman.

The suspect entered the store, presented a silver revolver and demanded money. He then leaned over the counter and took an unknown amount of money from the cash register before fleeing. Police described the suspect as a black man about 6-feet-tall. He was wearing a red, black and white New York Yankees baseball hat; a red jacket with a white under shirt; white gloves; blue jeans with a black belt; and, black shoes.

Gotta love how matchy-matchy this guy was with his outfit. He may be committing a crime, but the attention to detail is on point.

(Oh, and if those major descriptors weren’t enough, the guy also keeps the New Era sticker on the bill of his cap.)