The Danica Patrick Handstand Videos Have Lost Their Luster

With the summer coming to an end, I think it’s only right to close the chapter on the Danica Patrick yoga videos. (Unless, of course, she decides to heat up Lake Michigan again.) Yes, they helped us get through the brutal dog days, but man, I’m starting to resent the handstand videos a little. They used to be so great, but now all I do is wonder if Danica forces someone to film these videos. That would be ridiculously sad for both parties if that were the case.

It’s safe to say I’ve been overexposed to them, so I’m going to go ahead and unfollow her for a bit, and maybe discover the magic again in a couple months. Until then, here’s one more for the road: Danica handstands with Uggs on.

Per Danica, this wasn’t so easy to do.

[Danica Patrick- IG]