Not Going To Lie…I’m Enjoy Danica Patrick Doing Yoga On IG



You guys are supposed to give me the heads up that Danica Patrick has been on a heater over on IG, just going nuts posting all sorts of yoga photos, including some this week from a girls Chicago trip. ┬áIt seems that Danica and her friends chartered a Lake Michigan yacht to do some yoga, drink cocktails and talk about how dreamy Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Danica’s boyfriend, is in a fire suit.

All I know for sure is that Danica, now 33, got an IG follow out of me and I don’t just throw those around. If you’re going to get on the Busted IG feed, you better be bringing something interesting to the table.

And Danica is. I’m talking home yoga videos where she’s contorting her body. I’m talking pics of her cool dog. There’s pretty much just a bunch of photos that don’t have anything to do with NASCAR. I know you were worried. It’s like she really doesn’t care about that side of her life. And that’s great for us. We’re here for everything but the sports, right?

There are even food pics of stuff she cooks. She’s pretty much the hot chick you want to go out with but not marry.

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