Bama Cleav Tat, Devin Brugman’s Sister & Drunk Browns Fans

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Is Johnny Football back or is Johnny Football back

He’s back. I said it on Twitter that I needed to see John throw a ball further than five yards. He’d been throwing screen passes and a bunch of other garbage until the 90+ yard drive where he had two nice bombs including the touchdown pass. Sure, he didn’t hit the receivers in stride, but the results were there. It’s controversy time! And now Josh McCown is going to x-rays. It’s happening!¬†John will get this starting job. I said it in the spring.

Interesting water story in Vegas

So a guy who poisoned a football team’s water — it was the water for kids on his son’s team — way back in 2000 is now up to be in charge of water for North Las Vegas. That might not be a good idea. Just saying.

Numbers from @RJinVegas:

. was +800 to win Republican nomination last week. In a short seven days he’s improved to +380 (via 5dimes)