Steve Smith Sr. Tangos With Browns Blog on Twitter

The Cleveland Browns have already suffered a social media defeat this summer, getting curb stomped by the Arizona Cardinals in a Twitter exchange back in July. But apparently that social media loss wasn’t enough to deter the Browns blog, Dawgs By Nature, to get into it with noted firecracker Steve Smith Sr. on Twitter.

It all started harmlessly enough, with the Houston Chronicle’s Stephanie Stradley tweeting out this Smith clip:

Gotta say @89SteveSmith is a certified badass. This is the most Steve Smith play ever:

— Stephanie Stradley (@StephStradley) August 18, 2015

For whatever reason, Dawgs By Nature had to chime in:

The same guy who broke a team mates nose and challenged other players to fist fights? He's a punk.

— Dawgs By Nature (@DawgsByNature) August 18, 2015

Of course, Smith lived up to his reputation and challenged the guy to a fight:

To which Dawgs By Nature had zero interest in, deferring to Joe Haden:

With the @Browns secondary this season I probably won't see you in Cleveland. @joehaden23 makes people disappear

— Dawgs By Nature (@DawgsByNature) August 18, 2015

Smith, amused, then took some shots at the guy, calling him a “Warcraft” nerd.

Dawgs By Nature’s response? He’s an adult:

What were you expecting? A time & place to fight? I'm an adult. My dad can beat up your Dad too.

— Dawgs By Nature (@DawgsByNature) August 18, 2015

Ultimately, this ended with Smith dropping the p***y juice hammer:

Sidenote: Dawgs By Nature kept chirping after the fact, regurgitating Smith facts we all know:

Just a reminder on why Steve Smith is not a bad ass but a punk. Them's are the facts. @89SteveSmith

— Dawgs By Nature (@DawgsByNature) August 18, 2015