Cardinals Wreck Browns in Twitter Exchange

We’re all well aware of the sadness that is the Cleveland Browns franchise, so one would assume that the person in charge of the team’s Twitter account would be cautious and try to avoid antagonizing other teams.

But we found out today that isn’t the case, as the Browns ended up taking a social media loss in July after getting squashed by the Arizona Cardinals on Twitter.

It started out as nothing, with the Browns tweeting out a photo of their stadium:

Looking good, @FEStadium… 😏

— Cleveland Browns (@Browns) July 23, 2015

Then the Cardinals got involved:

@Browns @FEStadium Looking forward to Nov 1. We have not seen the #DawgPound since 2003 when @BruceArians was on YOUR sideline!

— Arizona Cardinals (@AZCardinals) July 23, 2015

But, of course, the Browns had to escalate shit and gloat about a blowout win from 2003…

.@AZCardinals the #DawgPound is looking forward to it too ❤️

— Cleveland Browns (@Browns) July 23, 2015

Shocked, the Cardinals decided to curb stomp the Browns:

.@Browns Wow. Ok. And since then?

Postseason Games:#AZCardinals 7#Browns 0

— Arizona Cardinals (@AZCardinals) July 23, 2015

Looks like the Browns are already in midseason form.