Thug Raiders Fans, Johnny Gets A Kiss & Ohio License Plates

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Football is back in Oakland

It’s great to see the upstanding citizens of the Bay Area back to enjoying tailgating, a preseason football game and wearing their most offensive t-shirts and jerseys. It really is Christmas morning when football comes back. There will certainly be very violent stadium fan fights. There will certainly be parking lot brawls that turn bloody. There will certainly be fans across this country puking on each other. It really is what I live for. It’s the essence of Busted Coverage. There’s no better job in the world than tracking the football fans across this country who provide us with so much great entertainment. I salute each and every one of you.

There’s big news from downtown Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Club has been sold to the brothers who own The D (which I believe used to be Fitzgeralds). It sounds like you’ll still be able to play table games with toothless degenerates and find $1 hot dogs that’ll make you puke. Speaking of that, I remember the days when I could go into the Stardust and get a dollar dog and a giant dollar cup of Red Dog. Remember that shit? Those were my early Vegas days when you could stretch $100 over two days. I don’t miss those dollar dogs. I just looked it up, you can still buy Red Dog beer. Think I’ll go get a 12-pack.

Numbers fromĀ @ESPNStatsInfo:

Bryce Harper is the 1st left-handed hitter to hit 30 HR in a season at age 22 or younger since Boog Powell in 1964