Sharon Stone New York Post Cover, Passed Out Lions Fan & Mozgov At IHOP

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You have to admit Johnny Manziel looked more comfortable

OK, so it’s just a small sampling from Week One of the preseason, but Manziel didn’t look like an overmatched fool out there last night against the Redskins. Sure, the OC called like 15 three-yard pass plays, but isn’t that what the entire NFL is doing? Johnny completed 7 of 11. Ran for the touchdown. And didn’t look like he was a complete moron. It was a good week for that guy. Browns fans should be excited. What a story if he can come back from near NFL destruction and turn into a serviceable QB. I’m rooting for the guy.

Bro, those chips don’t look real

So some moron brought millions in fake chips to a poker tournament at the Borgata. Yeah, and then he tried to flush them in his hotel toilet. Total degenerate.

Numbers fromĀ @ToddFuhrman:

For the 1st time this season, the Toronto Blue Jays are listed as World Series favorites at 4-1