Lasorda Picking His Nose, Rovell Plate & Texans Cheerleaders Hit The Field

The laser removal is going to hurt


Memorial service and dad’s birthday are finished, time to watch some football

Nothing more stressful than a memorial service for a longtime family friend (who was one of my dad’s good friends) followed by my dad’s 60th birthday party on the same night.  It’s was a strong confluence going on last night. It’s over and now we can get back to livin’ life to the fullest. Time to watch some NFL tonight and start scheduling my big yearly college football trip. Do dad and I go with the huge Bama-Georgia game in Athens? SC-Notre Dame in October? Maybe Ohio State at Michigan — the birth of the Urban vs. Jim era? Remember, the goal of these trips isn’t to just see Ohio State play. We want to see the country and see how the rest of you maniacs handle college football. I have guys get mad at me for going to SEC games instead of blowing all my money on Buckeyes games. They forget there’s an actual purpose besides football to the annual father-son trip. We actually try to expand our brains a little bit. It’s fun. Try it.

Here we go again! 

Vegas houses are overvalued. Like you needed a newspaper to tell you this.

Numbers from @SportsTaxMan:

So far in his career with , Geno Smith has thrown 25 TD passes and 34 interceptions. He has made approximately $3.1M on the field