Nothing Like Tiger Woods F-bombing Himself

Round 1 of the PGA Championship is currently underway and we don’t want to jump the gun but… Tiger Woods is back!!! Of course, we’re not talking vintage form Tiger or anything like that — he’s just back dropping F-bombs like crazy while chastising himself.

After coming up short on a birdie putt on hole 3, Tiger took some time to confront himself and ask, “What the f*** is wrong with you?”

Tiger may be down, but it’s somewhat comforting seeing him cuss himself out after a birdie attempt. Usually it’s because he hit someone, hit the ball in the water, hit it to another fairway, etc.

Fun Fact!

In his last 84 holes of major championship golf – thru 3rd hole today – Tiger Woods has 30 bogeys or worse and 7 birdies (25-over par)

— Chris Fallica (@chrisfallica) August 13, 2015