Donald Trump Trashes Rand Paul’s Golf Game…And I Can’t Stop Laughing



Rand Paul must be pretty dumb. If you didn’t think so before Wednesday, it’s pretty today after getting his ass handed to him by Donald Trump after trying to trash the Trumpster with an attack add, according to Politico. You want to take a shot at the Don, you better be ready for the Republican candidate to eviscerate your golf game.

“Recently, Rand Paul called me and asked me to play golf. I easily beat him on the golf course and will even more easily beat him now, in the world in the politics [sic],” Trump said.

He added that after beating Paul at golf he made a big donation “to the eye center with which he is affiliated.”

The statement comes as Paul, an ophthalmologist, fights reports that his presidential campaign is losing momentum and faces growing home-state pressure to focus on preserving his Senate seat.

Wait, wait wait!

So the Trumpster kicked Rand’s ass on the golf course and then made a big donation to Rand’s eye center? I’ve seen troll jobs and this is one of the Don’s best troll jobs ever. He shoved a driver right up Rand’s ass and then started throwing around money to shove the driver up through Rand’s throat. This is an all-timer.

That’s what you get for effing with a golf legend like the Trumpster. Remember this one?



Pure swing!



Still kicking ass in the polls!

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