Michigan Football Hacked, Geno Smith Tabloid Headlines & Dying Inside ’69’

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What a HUGE morning for football

Michigan’s football Facebook was hacked and we have Geno Smith getting killed by the NY tabloids. FOOTBALL IS OFFICIALLY BACK! And I’m loving every single minute of it. You have no idea how much I’ve suffered over the past six months without the sport that just provides so much to society. Name another industry where a guy can have his jaw broken and the puncher only loses his job and walks away. You can’t. Hell, even if a cop broke another cop’s jaw, you can be sure he’d be arrested. Assault.

Here comes the Riviera wrecking ball

The cost to demolish the Riviera: $42 million. That’s all! Here I figured it would take like $50 million to destroy the now closed casino/hotel. Here comes a giant convention hall on the Strip. Just a couple more old casinos to go before the Strip you grew up with in the 90s is officially gone forever.

Numbers fromĀ @ESPNStatsInfo:

Home teams were 15-0 on Tuesday, the first time that’s happened in history on a day with at least 15 games