Coach K Hitting The Vegas Slots — AGAIN


Coach K once told Andy Katz that he doesn’t take photos in casinos with fans because “I don’t want somebody to use that in a different way.” That hasn’t stopped fans this week in Vegas from taking photos and now shooting video of Coach K enjoying one of his old pastimes — throwing some money into video poker and/or slot machines.

“We’re getting paid a lot, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go have a drink, or go out to eat or gamble if you’re in Las Vegas. That’s what normal people do,” Krzyzewski said. “I don’t take pictures in a casino, not because I’m ashamed that I play video poker or slots or whatever,” he told Katz way back in 2003 about the emergence of cameras and the Internet. This was around the time when Larry Eustachy was the Iowa State basketball coach and was captured tearing up campus parties.

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Now Coach K, 68, has IG users analyzing his gambling habits. Look, the guy likes throwing money into the machines. It’s no a big deal, but it shows that these guys are human and not just the robots seen on CBS or ESPN. That’s what’s interesting about watching Coach K slamming cash into a machine. It never fails that I’ll get ‘Slow News Day Guy’ complaining that “This isn’t news.” But this is news. This guy will actually just walk around a Vegas casino by himself trying to find the winning machine. It’s fascinating. How much does Coach K have in his bankroll? What does he do with his comps? Does he use points for the buffet?

You can actually relate to the guy. You’ve sat alone in Vegas just decompressing from life. You’ve tried to build your comp dollars for the seafood buffet. You’ve worked hard to hit a royal.

And this isn’t just a Coach K thing. We’ve shown Roy Williams at the craps table multiple times.

@bustedcoverage @NotBillWalton Coach K hittin the slots while in Vegas for USA Basketball Camp ….

— Brad (@007ZQ) August 9, 2015