Grizzlies Guard Russ Smith Made an Instagram Account for His Cat

As a sports blogger who’s pro-cat, I think it’s fair to say that felines are grossly underrepresented in the athlete community. Go on social media and what do you see? Oh, just Olivia Munn’s dog in an Aaron Rodgers jersey, Joseph Fauria’s dog, Danica Patrick doing yoga with her dog, etc., etc. We get it: dogs are nice or whatever. But guess what, that isn’t for me — or former Louisville star (and current Memphis Grizzly) Russ Smith, who took a break from gritting and grinding to acquire a new friend, an all-white cat by the name of Mr. Quackers.

I know what you’re thinking: that name is so damn cute. You’re right, it is. And despite it only being 12 days since Russ got Mr. Quackers, their bond has grown so strong that he had to make an Instagram account for the little guy under the username, “@_mrquackers.

The bio Russ made for Quackers:

Hi I’m Mr. Quackers and I’m #StuckUp. Let me be me and I’ll let you be you. Don’t judge.

Spoiler: the pictures are amazing.

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