Palo Alto Restaurant Has a Cal Urinal

I always thought USC was Stanford’s biggest rival, but that apparently isn’t the case in one Palo Alto restaurant.

Giants writer Andrew Baggarly was out and about Tuesday night when he came across one pretty aggressive CAL Bears urinal — he used it:

Spotted (and utilized, I must confess) in a Palo Alto restaurant men's room last night:

— Andrew Baggarly (@extrabaggs) August 12, 2015

Stanford does own a 60-46-11 record on CAL, so if anyone deserves to have a urinal of the opposing school, it’s them.

However, that doesn’t mean Berkeley doesn’t defend their turf with a Stanford version!

@extrabaggs It's OK, this is in the bathroom of Henry's in Berkeley.

— Evan Aczon (@TwoSeamGripe) August 12, 2015

According to The Daily Californian, it’s located in the Hotel Durant and is the only urinal available:

Berkeley’s famous and beautiful Hotel Durant has one of the best things we’ve spied in a while: a Stanford urinal. It’s in the men’s bathroom in the lobby, and for bonus points, the Stanford urinal is the only urinal available, so all male guests have no choice but to relieve themselves on the Cardinal Red and that tree (their poor excuse of a marching band calls a mascot).

[H/T to BR]

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