Football Is Back When “Saban’s Gay” Auburn Car Is Rolling Down The Highway



And the best part about this “Bama get up on these nuts” /// “Saban’s Gay” car rolling down the road is that this is a new photo. This isn’t some photo that’s been ripped off by a Reddit user and thrown on Imgur.

By the way, ever notice how Reddit users never credit where they got the photos that are posted on Imgur? You know who gets destroyed if he doesn’t credit where a social media photo came from? Me. You know who credits social media users, RTs them and says thanks to the uploaders? Me. You know who has never credited social media uploaders? Reddit users.

Anyway, here we have mandacsc7 rolling down the highway through Tennessee when she spotted this Auburn car.

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 10.48.12 AM


Do you know the owner of the “Saban’s Gay” Auburn car? I need to hear more about this Auburn fan. Tell him or her I want to chat. Let me know who it is.