Albert Pujols Celebrates Mike Trout’s Birthday By Smashing an Egg on His Head

Ready to feel old? Today, Aug. 7, is the birthday of Angels star Mike Trout, who turns 24. Of course, you probably already know this based on the pieces (here and here) discussing how brilliant he’s been through four seasons. But let’s forget about the numbers for a second (we all know they’re ridiculous), and focus on the celebration going on in the Angels clubhouse.
Kole Calhoun provided some insight to the festivities, and let’s just say things got a little messy:

Man, that bromance between Albert Pujols and Trout is real. We’re guessing there’s no one else in the clubhouse he’d allow to smash an egg on him. And the baby powder? Nice touch, Albert.
BFF’s for life!

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