Scumbag Mariners Fan Wanted for Robbing a Bank

Life isn’t easy for Mariners fans. Yes, they have Felix Hernandez (who is wasting his prime), Robinson Cano and Nelson Cruz, but at some point being picked as the breakout team every spring gets old. Counting this season, it will be 14 straight years without playoff baseball for the M’s, which has driven one man to start robbing banks in the Puyallup area.
… No, not really. The man just likes to rock a classic Mariners hoodie while committing his dirty deeds.
The details from KOMO-TV:

A man wearing a vintage Mariners hoodie walked into a Columbia Bank on South Meridian at about 2:45 p.m. and demanded money from a teller, according to police.
After receiving an unknown amount of cash, the robber left the bank on foot. Witnesses told police he was headed in the direction of nearby Best Buy store.
The robber, who police say stands roughly 5’5″ tall, was wearing khaki pants, a baseball cap and sunglasses. He had a “scruffy reddish-colored beard and mustache and spoke with a deep voice,” according to police. He is thought to be 20 to 30 years old.

Of course, he’s a ginger. It really doesn’t get any worse than being a ginger Mariners fan — people hate you inherently and your team blows.

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